Welcome To The World of Vype

11 September 2017

Take a look at our Welcome to Vaping Guide which tells you all you need to know about vaping with Vype.

What’s In An eLiquid?

13 October 2017

Vype eLiquids are all made from almost exactly the same 5 ingredients: vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavourings, nicotine and water. Find out more here.

Meet Our Experts: George McLachlan

9 October 2017

George McLachlan is Vype’s Product Development Associate. He oversees the process of blending eLiquids and crafting new vaping flavours. The blog team sat down with George to find out more about his role.

Meet… Kevin McAdam, Head of Product Safety Assessment

8 February 2017

Vype technology is the result of years of hard work. Kevin McAdam, the head of Product Safety Assessment, gives us an insight into what it takes to make sure our products are up to standard.

Marina Murphy Tells Us How She Simplifies The Science Behind Vaping

27 July 2017

Meet… Marina Murphy, Head of Scientific Media Relations. At Vype, we’re extremely proud of how much effort and brainpower we devote to ensuring the quality of our products. Marina tells us how she goes about explaining it all.

How Much Nicotine Is In Your eLiquid?

17 July 2017

When you’re choosing an eLiquid you’ll probably want to know how much nicotine it contains. But what do those numbers on the bottles mean? The blog team explains all.

How Do We Test The Quality Of Our Vapour? Meet Our Vaping Robot

7 December 2017

At Vype, we are constantly going the extra mile to scrutinise our quality control procedures, to ensure the tests we carry out are accurate. So when we built a vaping robot to test our vapour, we made sure the test results were rock solid.

The Vaping Glossary

7 June 2017

We know it can be bewildering to start vaping – there’s so much to learn. But we’ve got your back! Introducing our Vaping Glossary.

The Pioneers Of Flavour Development

19 June 2017

Vype’s brief history of flavour and the pioneers who led some of its major innovations.

How Do We Craft An eLiquid?

2 November 2017

Our eLiquids are all blended with great care and expertise, and every single one goes through a rigorous testing process before we put them on the shelves for you to enjoy. This is our meticulous 8 stage blending process.

Vype's New Year’s Resolutions

1 January 2017

Many people take the opportunity of the New Year to make a new start, and Vype is no different. Here’s what we plan to do this year.

Vaping Flavours

12 January 2016

Which flavours are the most popular?

Lab-tests of e-cigarette show no evidence of cellular harm

16 April 2016

Vype ePen, a commercially available e-cigarette did not induce cell stress, DNA damage or in malignant transformation in cell culture tests.

Can My E-Cigarette Catch Fire?

9 June 2015

There have been incidents reported in the media of e-cigarettes catching fire or exploding. To protect against this, we have designed Vype devices with multiple layers of safety features. Over-voltage controls protect you from getting an electrical shock from our devices. Over-heating controls protect against fire and explosion. You can't overcharge our products, when used as instructed, due to a timed cut-off and other safety measures.

Should You Worry About Second Hand Vapour?

9 May 2015

Current research shows that there is little evidence to suggest that e-cigarette vapour is harmful to non e-cigarette users. Professor John Britton and Dr Ilze Bogdanovica, from the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Control Studies, in a report commissioned by the Public Health England summarised the current knowledge by saying...

Is One Vapour Really Any Different From Another?

9 April 2015

Our own tests and those from independent researchers have found differences in the contents of vapour produced by different e-cigarettes. This is why we put care and expertise into every eLiquid, every flavour and every product we make, to ensure consistently high quality vapour.

Our Expertise in Vapour Science

6 September 2015

Since it's the vapour that you inhale and the vapour that delivers the satisfaction, it is very important for us to know exactly what our vapour contains. This is why we put so much care and research into every eLiquid and every product we make - to ensure quality of ingredients, consistent vapour quality, and satisfaction from start to finish.

Our Approach

4 September 2015

We check and test the quality of vapour for every eLiquid we craft, every flavour we blend and every device we manufacture. Below, you can find out how our experts know exactly what you vape.