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Lab-tests of e-shishas show no evidence of cellular harm

14 أبريل، 2016

Vype ePen, a commercially available e-cigarette did not induce cell stress, DNA damage or in malignant transformation in cell culture tests.

How do e-shishas Work?

14 أبريل، 2016

When the eLiquid in an e-shisha makes contact with the battery-powered heating element it creates vapour. However, the quality of the vapour produced can vary from one e-shisha to another, depending on the mechanics of the device and the formulation of the eLiquid.

Can My E-Shisha Catch Fire?

6 سبتمبر، 2015

There have been incidents reported in the media of e-shishas catching fire or exploding. To protect against this, we have designed Vype devices with multiple layers of safety features. Over-voltage controls protect you from getting an electrical shock from our devices. Over-heating controls protect against fire and explosion. You can't overcharge our products, when used as instructed, due to a timed cut-off and other safety measures.